Anonymous: are you going to do any thing with fullmetal alchemist any time soon

Probably not. I don’t want to download the series (since I’ve already seen both) and I don’t know anywhere where I can get decent HD quality screencaps without me doing the job myself.

Anonymous: are you planning on doing ciel icons?

If I can find time to get decent screencaps from it then yeah. Although I’m super busy with otome games atm. ; -;

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akumasasayaku: aww...what a cute and nice blog :)..ah, can i have a request for Nine (Zankyou no Terror) ??? thank you... ^^

Thankyou! Here’s 2 icons I did awhile back. (*´▽`*)

image image

I’m still waiting for decent shots of Nine in high-key lighting before making any more crown edits. As much as I adore Zankyou no Terror, the dark/dull lightning and close-up camera shots makes it really hard to do edits from. 

Anonymous: This is a very important blog youre running

Oh gosh thankyou so so much!! I know I’ve not been posting recently since I’m on holiday and have suuuper limited internet but this message brought a big smile to my face! Thankyou <3 

So I’m watching 14 series this Summer and I’m planning on doing edits for the majority of them. Things may seem slow for now because I’m waiting for at least 6 episodes of the series so that I can select the best screencaps and do decent edits rather than rushing straight ahead. 

Thankyou all for being so patient. 

//Thankyou all for 1k follows!! (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜