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I should be editing some cool DMMD icons for you guys tomorrow.

But seriously. I went into the anime all straight faced and ready for cool plot and cool music I end up laughing, not because it’s a comedy but because the animation is such a fucking joke.

Anonymous: HELLO can I request an anime/character??? I'm new, but if you're not busy--! Anything from GunGale Online (Sword Art Online II) or more specifically, Shino/Sinon Asada would be wonderful~ \(^p^)/<33

There’s not much source material for me to get enough screencaps to do icons for that yet. Plus I’m not a massive fan of the SAO franchise after the trainwreck that was Alfhiem Online imo. But 3 episode rule I guess. (●ゝ∀・●) 

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Do you guys want Sailor Moon icons?

edit: ok that ep was really hard for me to watch and i need more material before i can do anything with a show like that.

Transparent Flower Crowns Set: ✿
Anonymous: which photoshop do you use for edits?

Non. I use a combination of Paint, Online-Image-Editor and Pixlr!~ 

Though most other flower crown blogs that I’ve seen tend to use Photoshop. 

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